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Instant car rental powered by remote delivery

We're redesigning the car rental experience. Reserve a car via our app, get it remotely delivered directly to you, and away you go.

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Smartest way to rent a car

We're building a car rental experience from the ground up, keeping only the good parts, with extras sprinkled in.

Instant booking
Everything is done through your phone. No forms, no signatures, no kiosk. As simple as getting a ride share.
In-car extras, no cost
Free in-car WiFi, navigation, adaptive cruise-control, and climate control. All these extras included.
Contactless & touchless
Every part of your journey, from resevering to dropping-off, is 100% free of unnecessary interactions.

Avoid the shuttle kerfuffle

Qibus remotely delivers a car directly to you at your arrival airport. No more waiting for a shuttle.

Ready when you are
Got that coffee and picked up your luggage? Open the app and let us know you're ready for car delivery.
Meets you right where you are
Watch your car make its way to you. Unlock it with your phone, and away you go.
Ease your return journey
Ready to go home? No need to worry about filling the tank. Just drop the car at departures, and get to your flight.

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Be one of our first members when we launch

Got questions? We have answers

What is remote car delivery?

Our remote driving team can be any number of miles away, driving our cars as if they are in it. This allows us to drive your rental car directly to you, and park it for you when you return.

When are you launching?

We plan on having our first reservations at the end of 2020. Let us know your email address so you can be among the first members to be invited.

What kind of car will I get?

You will get a full-size, feature packed plugin-hybrid vehicle. You can expect all the extras like free in-car WiFi, navigation, adaptive cruise-control, and climate control.

How will fueling my car work?

Your rental car will come with a full tank of fuel. It's a plugin-hybrid, so it won't guzzle gas. You can skip re-fueling, we fill it back up billed at local rates with no extra fee.

Will I need a full US driver's license?

You will need a full, valid and clean US driver's license. You will need to upload details of your driver's license before reserving. Sorry, no international licenses (yet).

Will I be able to return the car somewhere else?

During our initial launch, picking up and returning will be limited to specific airports. You will need to pickup and drop-off at the same airport. We hope to expand this in the future.

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